Some examples of energy changes and material exchanges on Earth

Ocean surface and atmosphere

What are some of the energies on the surface of the ocean? Well a major source would be the sun heating the ocean. This would result in evaporation of water producing clouds. Cyclones are a good example of ocean surface and atmosphere energy flows.


Ocean water and ocean floor

The ocean floor is mainly influenced by ocean currents. The currents of water in the ocean depend on things like the water temperature but also on the density of the water. This might be influenced by the concentrations of salt.

The ocean floor can also accumulate(collect) a lot of material, like dead sea creatures or run-off sediments. Convection currents are also important too.

Ocean biosphere and ocean water.

The ocean biosphere is really about the living food chains in the ocean. Some of the things in hte ocean waster that might affect the biosphere could be the concentration of CO2 ( changes the pH, acidity) of the ocean. This can affect coral.


The physical action of the ocean on shore also has a major impact on the creatures that live there.

For example in tide pools creatures need to be adapted to cope with regular changes in water depth. Molluscs need to be able to stick to rocks for example.

Energy exchanges tend to be a bit one-way in the ocean. There is more energy coming from the ocean than what creatures put into it.

But shells and corals can change the chemical components in the ocean. For example they use calcium and carbon to produce their shells.