High energy events in universe can leave a footprint

In the Universe there are plenty of examples of evidence of footprints of high energy events.

One of the best examples are that of exploded stars. For example super novas often create a shell shocked gas cloud around them when they explode. These can take millions of years to dissipate.


Simeis 147: Supernova Remnant from Palomar, NASA/ESA. Is an example of foot print of a high energy event, an exploded star.

Some black holes also can do a similar thing by sucking in matter and producing gamma rays that can be left as a signature.

The obvious high energy footprint of the Big Bang itself has been measured using satellite orbiting the earth. This is also called cosmic background radiation and appears as a kind of constant background hum at certain radio frequencies.


The background radiation of the Universe can be considered a kind of footprint.

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