Animals during bushfires

Most animals

When a bushfire is approaching or even smoke, any animals such as kangaroos, emus, or goannas ( lizards) would tend to jump or run in the opposite direction. These animals are most likely to escape.

Not all the animals will escape all the time. Sometimes the bushfire might be moving too fast or from several directions.

Birds and insects during bushfires

Birds can easily escape bushfires by flying. However, some birds, such as hawks may take advantage of smaller bushfires by catching insects that are trying to flee the fire.  See also this video

Koalas and bushfires

Koalas may be most vulnerable to to bushfires but again it depends on how fast the fire is moving. Remember that koalas often climb down trees and move along the ground


Koalas are quite vulnerable but still have a chance to escape.

Wombats and bushfires

Wombats are most likely to be able to survive a bushfire because they can escape into their borrows underground.


Goannas and bushfires

They can either run from the fire or in some cases they can move under protective rocks if the fire is not so intense.