Atomic number: 7

Symbol: N

Category: non metal

Density at 25°C: gas

Adding an extra proton to carbon turns it into nitrogen. Well that's odd isn't it? because nitrogen is a gas. (that is a really interesting question actually and will investigate this further). Anyway back to nitrogen.  This is again a very familiar element being 78.08% of what the Earth’s atmosphere contains.  Nitrogen is also commonly cooled to a liquid state and used in a variety of different applications from cooking to industrial cooling/storage.


Nitrogen gas in an electric discharge tube. image: wikipedia

Use, natural applications or common combinations: 

  • fertilisers, coolants
  • acids, present in all life

Basic characteristics:

  • Standard atomic weight: [14.006 43, 14.007 28] why this variation?
  • Melting point: -210.00 °C (below this temperature nitrogen is solid)
  • Boiling point: -195.79 °C (aka liquid nitrogen)
  • Radioactivity: essentially all stable
    • selected isoptopes:  13N is radioactive with a half life of 9.965 min turning into 13C