Atomic number: 75

Symbol: Re

Category: transition metal

Density at 25°C: solid: density: 21.02 g·cm−3

This is one of the most expensive metals due to it's relative rarity in relation to it's demand. Combined with nickel to produce a super alloy, it is used in turbine blades, exhaust jets of engines and catalysts.

99.999% pure rhenium crystal. image: adapted from wikipedia

Use, natural applications or common combinations: 

  • jet nozzles
  • alloys, catalysts

Basic characteristics:

  • Standard atomic weight: 186.207(1)
  • Melting point: 3186 °C
  • Boiling point: 5596 °C
  • Radioactivity: some is slightly radioactive.
    • 187Re (62%) radioactive with half life of 4.12×1010 years emitting beta and alpha particles