Atomic number: 50

Symbol: Sn

Category: post transition metal

Density at 25°C: solid:  from  5.769 g·cm−3 to 7.365 g·cm−3

Tin almost sounds so familiar as an element. For example tin cans. But are tin cans made of tin? Well the can itself is made of steel ( an alloy or iron) and it is coated with tin to provide corrosion resistance. 

Why the symbol Sn ? from the latin stannum, which at the time was an alloy

Molten tin that has quickly solidified. image: adapted from wikipedia

Use, natural applications or common combinations: 

  • Alloys, 
  • Solders
  • The oxides of indium and tin are electrically conductive and transparent, and are used to make transparent electrically conducting films with applications in Optoelectronics devices such as liquid crystal displays.

Basic characteristics:

  • Standard atomic weight: 118.710(7)
  • Melting point: 231.93 °C
  • Boiling point: 2602 °C
  • Radioactivity: almost all stable. some trace 

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