is a reference website designed to provide a clear overview of a topic. It largely uses wikipedia articles as a base but with occasional clarifications and commentary. Although it is encyclopaedic in some sense it attempts to be more explanatory in some sections.

ClearlyExplained.Com is a website to help you with getting a good overview of a topic. It's not meant to be totally comprehensive in all details but rather gives you an excellent outline or overview of topics from a broad range of areas from culture, nature to technology.  For example it's a great help if you need to write an assignment about a topic and either don't know where to start or haven't been given much guidance.

But a little about the history of the site. It was created by Richard Conan-Davies BSc Dip Ed,  back in the year 2000 as part of project in Science Communication Masters course at the Australian National University.

Now that wikipedia has taken over as a major encyclopedic online source of information it is hard to compete. But rather than compete ClearlyExplained.Com will incorporate and adapt parts of the wikipedia. Quite often you don't need the whole article so here we grab a few bits and pieces and highlight well known facts or commentary and link it to useful categories.

Some of the site articles  are original. In those cases, it tries to use basic first principles or observations to explain the relationships between different types of things and phenomena.