Culture, nature & technology

This is a 3 level categorisation of concepts of the earlier version of the website. This was essentially the top level file structure of the site for 12 years. It was disbanded for technical and convenience reasons. 

The original thinking was that essentially all topics or concepts around us can be classified initially into these three categories.

For example

But this 3 tiered hierarchical structure became too inconvenient and did not seem to be publicly intuitive. 

It is easier to just list the URL for as a top-level file such as , as that is something that most people would intuitively understand and shorter than, even though it is entirely legitimate. 

For example is hydrogen, an element a naturally occurring substance? today we know that it exists in interstellar space etc, but on earth, free hydrogen was somewhat rare.  So the element hydrogen and in fact all elements were grouped into technology/science/chemistry/the-elements. 

The overall structure still has some validity for figuring out the nature of how to classify thing around us. 

For example slight distinctions between fashion being in culture/fashion/

but clothing is a design solution listed under technology/design