Light technology

Light or lighting technologies are the tools and techniques for the creation and storage of light. Manipulating (bending reflecting) light is more related to optical and visual technology.


A candle is an early form of light technology. The wax provides a fuel for a chemical reaction to produce light. The wick provides a controlled flame.  image: R.Conan-Davies

Lighting may not always strictly include the storage of energy for the creation of light, but it is frequently incorporated.  For example in the use of flashlights incorporating batteries.

Chemical reactions

Various types of chemical reactions can produce light, typically a combustion reaction such as in a candle. Other examples glow sticks produce a ‘cold’ light. or bright light from emergency flares. 


A typical glow stick. image: R.Conan-Davies

Modern lighting

The most common modern lighting technology come in the form of light bulbs of varying designs, shapes and technology. from incandescent ,  fluorescent to various types of LEDs. (light emitting diodes)

An incandescent electric light bulb. image: wikipedia