Natural Disasters

Natural disasters are naturally occurring events, or extreme forces of nature, that cause death or destruction of people and or their property. Here are a few common ones:

natura disasters

A collage image of typical natural disasters including fires, floods, volcanoes, storms, cyclones 

The scale of natural disasters can vary from affecting only a few people to entire countries or regions and sometimes a global scale.


The word 'Disaster' contains  '-aster' which means of the 'stars' and 'dis' meaning negative. So a disaster is a 'bad star' because great catastrophies in ancient times were often thought to be link with the position of the stars. image: wikipedia

Sometimes the topic of natural disasters is called 'Natural Hazards', to highlight that nature can be hazardous.

Some less common ones might include:

  • Avalanches
  • Rock slides
  • Snow or ice storms (Blizzards)
  • Lightning strikes

Rare extra terrestrial (originating away from earth) origins:

  • Meteor impacts
  • Solar flares
  • Cosmic gamma ray bursts

Outbreaks of disease may also be considered natural sometimes. For example some wild animals may carry diseases, such as bacteria, viruses or parasites that could infect a population.

Wild animal attacks could also be considered a type of natural disaster but on a more smaller personal scale. Examples might include:

  • stampede of elephants or 
  • shark attacks on people
  • Pirhana attacks 

 Though these usually are more opportunistic or reflexes. 

Essentially any extreme form of nature could be considered a natural disaster. There are other kinds of social disasters, such as warsengineering disasters or technological related disasters.

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