Not interesting

By Richard Conan-Davies

What is not interesting? Generally things that have no consequence or things that don’t push things away from some equilibrium point. 

There is quite possibly a mathematical definition of ‘not interesting’ too. For example adding zero to a number is essentially not interesting. Although multiplying a number by zero curiously is interesting because it somehow makes that number disappear. 

So zero itself can’t be interesting but + 0 is quite un interesting, unless it is part of an average, then it can change the average quite a bit. 

Curiously there is an entry of wikipedia called the interesting number paradox.  Here is what it says:

 The interesting number paradox is a semi-humorous paradox which arises from the attempt to classify natural numbers as "interesting" or "dull". The paradox states that all natural numbers are interesting. 

The "proof" is by contradiction: if there exists a non-empty set of uninteresting numbers, there would be a smallest uninteresting number – but the smallest uninteresting number is itself interesting because it is the smallest uninteresting number, producing a contradiction.


One, ironically, interesting feature of not or non-interesting things is that they seem to be potentially popular when in a social context or within a character of being neutral of not interesting.

But is something that is not interesting also boring? Something that is boring is probably more subjective and socially based or it may that it is highly repetitive . That movie/play production was boring because there was no action or drama for example.  The terms are probably quite synonymous. 

This was partly inspired by the sub Reddit