Parts of speech

In English grammar  there are a number of types or classes of words that make up sentences. These words can sometimes be interchanged to become different parts of speech. The parts of speech traditionally include:


any abstract or concrete entity; a person, place , thing(chair) , idea (happiness), or quality (bravery)


any substitute for a noun or noun phrase (him, her, she, it, them, they)

also includes:

  • personal pronoun - (I, me 


any qualifier or attribute, quantity of a noun ( sweet, high, low)


any action (walk), occurrence (happen), or state of being (be, like), if you can put a 'to' in front it becomes a verb such as to walk, to tweet etc.


any qualifier of an adjective, verb, clause, sentence, or other adverb that modifies by degree, or manner. For example gentlyroughly, carefully. Also here


any qualifier of position of an a noun (usually) or pronoun for example on, after, in, out.


There are essentially joining words, such as and, but, if, however,


any abrupt  exclamation (ah! eek! lol!  hi! )


Are words to emphasise a noun, such as the, a, an. These can sometimes convert a verb into a noun like run to The run.


The cat sat on the mat

  • The is the article
  • Cat is the noun
  • Sat is the verb 
  • On is the proposition
  • the is another article
  • mat is another noun

This sentence is also in the past tense.