Pi day

Pi day is an informal day celebrating the mathematical value of pi. It is celebrated typically on March the 14th. or 3.14 (this is the typical US date format mm/dd/yy) 


Pi day can be celebrated in many ways, but most typically with eating pies and plenty of circular objects.


C= circumference

r= radius

π = 3.1415....

It is also celebrated on 22nd of July being 22/ 7 being an approximation of pi. There are a number of other days that are also considered such as the 314th day of the year. From Tuesday, 1 January 2013 Adding 314 days results in Monday, 11 November 2013.

In addition it is often particularly celebrated during hours, minutes and seconds that correspond to the decimal values of pi.

For example


1:59: 26 ( which could be 1:59pm and 26 seconds)

For the year 2015 it is regarded as special as the date can be stated as representation of pi

3.14.15  (the date in US format  mm/dd/yy)

9: 26 pm/am  53. 58...

The 14th of March also is Albert Einstein's birthday making a great celebration day for science centres around the world.

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