History of stem cells

Stem cells themselves have actually been around for almost as long as life has been on earth. In essence all life evolved from stem cells of some kind.

Many of the earliest forms of life on earth were not much more complex than stem cells.

Alexander A. Maximow was regarded as one of the first people to scientifically investigate animal stem cells during 1908 but with a focus on blood cell formation. Ref:Univeristy of Chicago Library

Stem cell field research developed from studies in mice bone marrow in the 1960s by Canadian scientists Ernest A. McCulloch and James E. Till  

Stem cell research has been around for almost as long as microscopes. Though it is only within the 1980s that more sophisticated genetechnology developments have allowed for the culturing (growing of cells) in laboratories.

Later in 1998 a team, James Thomson and coworkers, from University of Wisconsin managed to grow human embryonic stem cells in culture.