Building technology

Building or construction technology are the tools and techniques for the creation of buildings, dwellings or places for people to escape the natural elements. The design and overall development is usually referred to as architecture.

Although most buildings are on land, there are numerous examples of building of other technological objects, for example the building or construction of boats, aircraft etc.

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Construction technology (excavator) at a worksite building a foundation to a building. image:R.Conan-Davies

The technology of technology

Manufacturing technologies are generally regarded as the tools and techniques for making other pieces of technology.

Some manufacturing can be small scale or large scale. The larger scale is often referred to as industrial.

Interestingly, the word 'technoloogy' itself comes from the greek meaning literally 'to build'.

Differences between engineering and building technology

Building technology is slightly different to engineering. The main difference is that engineering is really about the whole process of designing a project from a long term economic perspective. In other words building technology is used to construct engineering projects. 

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