Protective technology

These are technologies , tools and techniques to protect an individual or community against things that would cause it harm (hazards). Although closely related to weapon technology, protective technologies are more related to defending against particular kinds of weapons or hazards.

For example a roof or building or shield is a technology for protecting against rain. Some technology protects against fire. Or protection against trauma injuries caused by falls or attacks by weapon technology.


A shield is a classic example of a protective technology. image: wikipedia


A modern motorcycle helmet is a form of protective technology to prevent trauma damage to the head in the event of falling off at high speed. image: wikipedia 

Many types of protective technologies rely on distributing forces away from a point impact.  To achieve this, having a degree of flexibility is important in designs. This allows for an impact to absorb energy away to a different location.  To create or design such technologies often requires the use of multiple type of materials, paddings or composites.